I've never met a trans woman in person and when I started reading information about trans people and learning more about this topic, I was pretty open minded and didn't see any problem with trans people. However, since I started reading your blog (and some similar ones) and saw all the lesbophobic, violent and misogynistic posts and comments from trans women I seriously started fearing the day I might meet one (or more) in person.






Oh no, please don’t be! I’ve met way more nice trans women than I’ve met creeps. This blog deals with a very small subset of the community, so you shouldn’t take it as a representative sample.

The majority are just people who want to live their lives unmolested as best they can, and I respect that and advocate for their rights.

It’s this weird lunatic fringe online that presents a problem, and while I wouldn’t want to meet any of them IRL, they’re in no way indicative of the community at large, or at least, I hope not!

If it helps, think of it like this: every community has fundamentalists. (I’m sure some people would say I am one, given my opinions.) it’s like I’m arguing with Westboro, not the Unitarians.

In the Pacific Northwest, the majority of trans women and their supporters are exactly like what you see on Tumblr. Minus the death threats, of course, because men aren’t that stupid. But a woman advocating for a women’s only space will lose her community quicker than shit.

Hell, I honest to god expect to lose my job next year when my boss funds out I’m going to MichFest. I’m already updating my resume and boosting my network.

Wait, really? What the hell??

OMG, redressalert.  Are you seeing this?  I forget, and then things like this remind me that people actually don’t understand how fucked up it is to publicly support female-only spaces for real.  Even those who ID as rad fem.  

There are tangible repercussions for supporting female only spaces, much less maintaining them.  Google Lisa Vogel, for fucks sake.

Its like we are spitting in the ocean, just air whistling all around.

We have been FIGHTING over here.  We are being PUNISHED for not capitulating. 

Supporting Michigan is a brave, feminist act.  The more of us doing it, the easier it would be.

Antilla-dean, thanks—I hadn’t seen this and I will chime in:

Everyone, in the 90s when I was transitioning, this kind of stuff was still “fringe.” It isn’t now. It’s institutionalized. It’s the platform position of all major LGBT organizations—witness the HRC, NCLR, NGLTF, et al boycott of Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival—and the tune that all good liberal allies are currently singing.The agenda is called lesbophobia and misogyny, and it is aiming to destroy the boundaries of every secular female-only space there is, from MichFest to women’s prisons and shelters to high school locker rooms to women’s colleges to individual lesbians’ sexual prerogatives.

From micro to macro and back again:

Do you want to know how many detransitioned dykes I know who have been sexually pressured, sexually assaulted, raped by transwomen? Too many instances to represent a “fringe.” Didn’t happen on tumblr. It’s almost as though the rate of sexual violence perpetrated by transwomen is the same as that of all males, and gender identity doesn’t really factor in.

Likewise, it’s almost as though the most powerful members of the group “transwomen”—the heterosexual white ones—behave both personally and politically just as you would expect them to if you weren’t factoring in their “gender identity,” and it’s almost as though they’re the dominant cultural and political force in the equation. It’s almost as though, if anything, this group skews wealthier than average, too. It’s almost as though they are not very “fringe” at all. It’s almost as though the transwomen who aren’t part of that “most powerful” group are generally either being used as human shields and tokens and/or attempting to consolidate power with the ones who are more privileged to try to get theirs, too.

Have you read this guidance document referencing gender identity protections added into the VAWA last year? It discusses how the onus is on providers (like shelters) to prove that sex-segregated spaces are really necessary—and then, confusingly, gives a definition of “male, female and transgender” as “gender identities.” Still tumblr fringe? Does sound like it ought to be, but no: “female” is considered a “gender identity” for these purposes. It’s not just kids on tumblr who are in danger of conflating sex and “gender identity.”

Also not just tumblr—as antilla-dean referenced, there’s the total character assassination of Lisa Vogel, basically for daring to maintain that women born female have a right to congregate and create an intentional community with each other for a week every year.

There’s the fact that Michfest artists—powerful lesbian culture-makers—have been boycotted within an inch of their livelihood and demonized as bigots for the “crime” of performing at Fest or selling their art and crafts there. That’s not a lunatic fringe mouthing off on tumblr. That’s women’s actual lives and livelihoods—and it represents a serious blow not only to these women but also to the continuity of lesbian culture overall. A whole generation of lesbians—most everyone younger than 40, say—have been convinced to renounce the foremothers and older sisters who have made our lives possible, denouncing them as bigots, in solidarity with…males. Among the 40-and-aboves there is bitter division as well. Again, over males.

Like marktwainsheadonablanket said, Michfest workers and attendees whose jobs have any bearing on “social justice” also risk their livelihoods and being shunned by their LGBT communities for this same “crime” of “bigotry”—seriously, even women who enthusiastically frequent and wholeheartedly support transwomen-inclusive spaces outside of Fest; even (or kind of especially) women who otherwise dedicate their entire careers to trans services, are called transphobes and punished—economically and socially—for the “crime” of simply acknowledging that female reality matters, and availing themselves of one of the last few secular places dedicated to it. I fear for what happens when the only spaces allowed to remain female-only are religious ones. (Male-only bastions, of course, secular or religious, remain uncontested.)

Speaking of religious—the Westboro vs Unitarians comparison doesn’t fly. Not when a bunch of Quakers just last-minute no-platformed Radfems Respond at the behest of transwomen with these kind of positions, and their “allies.”

Perhaps off tumblr it’s more often politely worded than the vitriol we see here. Not always, though. All those internet people actually live places, and so do their followers. I was just talking to a young detransitioned woman today about how there is no lesbian community for her—her social options are being isolated, being around straight people, or the mindfucking “queer” scene that hates lesbians on principle in order to suck up to transwomen. And being detransitioned goes over real big, too.

Actually, my social options are similar, even though this woman and I live in almost diametrically opposed places. So lest you think it’s only the Pacific Northwest—this stuff has long since gone viral on the internet, and is all over the map, at least in the USA. I know detransitioned women all over the country—small college towns, modest cities—who describe dealing with the same glitter-encrusted bullshit you’d expect to find in Brooklyn or Portland. I think it’s the new normal.

The lesbophobia, violence and misogyny inherent in this stream of trans culture/politics—dominated and dictated by transwomen formerly known as straight white men, but by no means are they the only ones participating—are not at all exclusively online phenomena. Never have been. Hell, I got “cotton ceiling’ed” by a 50-something autogynephile at a famous transwoman’s Halloween party when I was a teenager in the 90s, well before the term “cotton ceiling” had been coined. None of this stuff is new, or just online, and it sure isn’t fringe anymore.

tl;dr: AIA’s anon, when you meet a transwoman, just apply the same level of caution you would with any other male.


This doesn’t happen too often, but I am actually crying from reading this stupid post. I’m gonna put up my response as is even though it is a rage-post full of cussing, because I will probably never feel calm enough about this to react in any other way, and I need to know that I raised my voice and said NO instead of freezing and swallowing it.

I knew this was another shitty post demonizing Michfest. I felt my hackles go up when I saw them lumping in “intersex” with “trans,” but I wasn’t prepared for this:

trans and other mis-gendered-at-birth women 


Many trans and intersex women feel exactly the same way, and yet are scrutinized and categorized as lesser versions of women, or not “real” women at all, due to biological variations deemed inappropriate for women to have. 

No. NO, NO, NO, trans and intersex are NOT the same. MALENESS is not a “biological variation deemed inappropriate for women to have.” You like tautologies, huh? “Trans women are women.” Try this one: MALES ARE MALE. Maleness-plus-sex/gender dysphoria is not a “biological variation” to be conflated with intersex. 

What if you were born with a larger-than-average clitoris?

What if you stopped dropping that as a hypothetical for a goddamn minute.

Would that make you a man? No, you know you are a woman because of the way you feel about yourself, your body and the way society treats you.

THAT is your “because?!” You think a woman with a larger than average clitoris is a woman because of her FEE-FEEs? Some news: women’s “feelings” have never been germane to this issueMore news:

A clitoris of any size is a female organ.

How do you not understand that conflating a large clitoris with a penis is beyond offensive and actually has a lot to do with how and why women with large clits get harmed in this culture?

I am a woman born with what you are calling “a biological variation deemed inappropriate for women to have” and MICHFEST WAS THE FIRST PLACE ON EARTH THAT TOLD ME AND SHOWED ME THAT I BELONGED THERE, AS A WOMAN, AS A FEMALE—AS IS

Michfest welcomed me wholeheartedly and not “despite” my body. Michfest had no trouble recognizing me as a cunted creature. Michfest showed me that “female” is diverse enough to hold me within it. Michfest makes room for all females to be just as we are, together. Michfest is raw, unpasteurized, NONHOMOGENIZED females, together. Michfest is where I ugly-cried at the Day Stage, when Super Set played a song about being “perfect, just the way you are”—because I believed them, which was only possible because of where we were, because of the place we had built together, because of who I was surrounded with.  

MEANWHILE, YOU ARE LUMPING ME IN WITH MALES BECAUSE OF MY “BIOLOGICAL VARIATION.” That is the same shit I have heard my whole damn life. That there is something suspect or not-female about me because of my body. No. I’ve tasted something beyond that bullshit and there is NO GOING BACK.

Rise, Amazons. Don’t let them do us this way. We need Her too much.



This is disgusting! They’re celebrating watching a man beat a woman bloody! There’s nothing revolutionary about some guy punching a woman in the face until she passes out. That’s the fucking status quo!

And that description of the crowd getting quieter, It sends…


***trigger warning: rape, assault***

Radical Feminism:

•did not cause my father to beat me with a belt because my body language was ‘girly’

•did not cause neighborhood boys and classmates to beat me up for being ‘faggy’

•did not give me an eating disorder in high school as a reaction to my…


Following is a list of cisgender identity privileges. If you’re not familiar with the term, “cisgender” means having a biological sex that matches your gender identity and expression, resulting in other people accurately perceiving your gender. If you are cisgender, listed below are benefits that…



Once there was a group of people that was put in a concentration camp for an indefinite time. These people were trapped for so many generations that had even forgotten the reason why were placed there. Without access to their past, these people came to think they were living in a…


Even without an understanding of radical feminism or class analysis all women have experienced the pain that is inflicted by men in a patriarchal society that accompanies being born female. It has always been in the best interest of men to minimize the pain and injury that male violence inflicts…


By Anonymous


In first grade, a boy named John— a notorious troublemaker—systematically chased every girl in our class during recess trying to kiss her on the lips. Most gave in eventually. It was easier to give in than keep running. When it was my turn, I…

What really bothers me is that your mainstream readers (most of whom have little-to-no prior knowledge about radical feminism or transgender activism) will most likely not see through the article’s journalistic-ish veneer, and will assume that it represents an “objective” and “unbiased” presentation of the situation. And they will assume that transgender activists are mean people and completely out of control, because they have not been offered any evidence to suggest otherwise. And the insinuations that Goldberg makes throughout her article — that trans people act irrationally, are sexually deviant, and potentially dangerous — will seem to have “truthiness” to your readers, because the media has been propagating these very stereotypes of us for almost half a century. And when your readers do eventually meet a real-life trans person, perhaps they will misgender them, or dismiss them as a “pervert,” and justify those acts by referencing a New Yorker article they once read.

An Open Letter to The New Yorker | Julia Serano

If you haven’t been following, read the original New Yorker story and then Julia’s full response. So, so important to constantly hold one another accountable, especially when one group’s “activism” exists only to cut another group down.

(via gaywrites)

Trans woman checking in. Transgender activism has in fact been taken over by mean people who are out of control. What was actually left out of the New Yorker article is the fact that trans women commit crime, including violent crime, at the same rate as all males. Couple that with the fact that 75% of trans women do not have any form of genital surgery, and that trans women are known to rape women born female, and I’d say that women have every right to insist that sex matters.

David “Darlie” Brewster lived as a man until he was in his fifties, with a successful career as an animator. Then he got facial feminization surgery and breast implants, started posting inappropriate selfies, and has spent his retirement making comics about how “funny” it is that Cathy Brennan is a rape victim.

Former British politician Sarah Brown was invited to be the keynote speaker at the London Dyke March this year, despite the fact that Brown has said that vaginas are “offputting” and has also told women to “suck my formaldehyde pickled balls”.

Monica Roberts wanted to pimp-slap women, and laughed when Anthony Casebeer said he wanted to hit women in the head with a baseball bat.

Your own problematic fav Julia Serano has written at length about how unfair it is that lesbians don’t want to date trans women with penises (nice guy, much?), besides making up the patently offensive term “rapeaholic” to describe women in a futile attempt to “prove” that autogynephilia doesn’t exist.

I can keep going if you want, but I don’t want to.

As Andrea James recently pointed out, white, formerly heterosexually married trans women have been quietly taking over the boards of some of the most prominent gay organizations. That’s why GLAAD and HRC are now pushing the explicitly anti-female agenda that lesbians - that is, females who partner with females - no longer have the right to sex-segrated space. Given the reality of sexual violence by males against females - including attacks perpetrated by trans women - don’t you think it’s time to call bullshit on this agenda? I’m a trans woman, and I sure do!

Women are not the ones doing the oppression here. Just sayin’.

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How would you define male and female?



To me? They are meaningless. I cannot for the life of me fathom what they are and what they mean. 

"Black women wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and see black women. White women wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and see women. White men wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and see human beings."

— Michelle Haimoff

The meaninglessness of biology in a world where female biology is overwhelmingly the target of anti-choice legislation, slavery, the withholding of education, forced/mandatory pregnancy, rape, murder, incest, paedophilia and mutilation, is a privilege that very few female human beings on this planet have access to.

If you are able to say to biology, “you are meaningless” then you have no idea what it is like to be oppressed on the axis of biology, and ignoring it is a violent slap in the face of the women and girls all over the world who are oppressed on the basis of being born female.

This cavalier attitude towards human biology and the behaviours that exist in response to it is dishonest, it is in denial, it is oppressive, and it is above all, misogynistic. It is also anti-intersectional, as it completely ignores how women of colour are further violated on the grounds of their biology.

Saying that sexual biology is meaningless is on the same level of delusion as, “skin colour is meaningless” or “disability is meaningless” or “race is meaningless, I cannot for the life of me fathom it or what it means.”

It is not meaningless. It is a biological reality, it is a group that people are born into and on this basis are subjected to horrific treatment that is specific to that particular group.